Friday, May 13, 2011


So its kinda hard to write often. I feel kinda silly saying "So, I went for a 4km run. Again. On the same route." So I'll sum it all up saying things are going great. I am definitely progressing and feeling much better. Tonight we ran 7:1's!! And the first half was up a big hill. And while it was hard, I didn't think I was going to die. The last part downhill was fantastic. There was a huge view of the local ski hill and the prairies (hmmm, kind of an oxymoron there).

The speaker tonight was great. He's a long time runner and was basically talking about form, breathing, pace, etc. He then ran with us and took time with each to talk about how we were doing. I think I'm doing pretty well, he had a couple of tips for me that did help on the run up the long hill.

So all in all it was a great night. Although I did 4.16km in 36min. My first 5k race is in two weeks. If I have any hope of coming in under 40min (which is what I want), I need to step it up. Although I know, just finishing means I win, no matter what my time! Two months ago it never would have even crossed my mind I'd being working towards a 5k, and here I am!

Some other things that have been happening...

Wednesday night I skipped my run. But only because I decided to do it on my own in the afternoon! And it sucked. I went by the river, just as everyone was getting off work and it was super busy. I couldn't get my RunKeeper app to work properly (my error, not the apps), and ended up running to fast, too far. Then I managed to turn it off after 12min. I had bought a new hip pack to carry my phone, inhaler and water bottle. But my water bottle was heavy and sloshing around and making my pack flop all over the place. I ended up pouring out the water which was a mistake, because it was hot and I was regretting it later! So I was hot, tired, clock watching and miserable. I never got my smile in the last bit like I always do. But I guess that happens sometimes?

I've been shopping a bit. I got a great pack from MEC (its not on their website so I can't link it, but it has a big zipper pocket, a water bottle holder and was $12). While it didn't work well with my big water bottle (although that will be great for hiking), tonight I found out it worked well with my sons little rubbermaid juice box. I've also bought a few tops, short sleeves for the warmer weather. I picked them up at Walmart. I think I spent $15 at the most. They're okay. Not super fantastic, but good for the group runs. I'm still looking for something nicer for my race though.

I'm also still using my long pants (that I still love). I also got a fantastic long sleeve zip tee from MEC. Its perfect for when its chilly when I start and easy to tie around my waist when I warm up. I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of it.

Also, for Mothers Day, I got a gift certificate for MEC. So I've been planning out my spree. I think the Elan capri pants, they seem to have good reviews, and maybe another zip t in the blue colour.

So I think thats it for now. I may be using this more for random ramblings, more quick thoughts.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Field Trip!

Today, May 1st marked one of the nicest runs I've done. We headed out to Bakers Park and did a great loop around the river. The weather was gorgeous, the scenery was gorgeous and my run was fantastic! 4.16km in 33min. That is still with a little regrouping, but I'm quite happy! It was about 2c, but very sunny. I wore a new tshirt I picked up from Walmart and my run jacket. About halfway through the run I had my jacket tied around my waist and felt great. The only problem was that we had to cross a narrow bridge over the river. I hate bridges. I ended up sprinting across and then nearly died at the other end. But I recovered quickly and ended the run in the front spot with another girl.

The view from where we started and ended courtesy of

I really enjoyed not being on a busy suburban street with lots of traffic. I know its not sensible to drive out to these nicer runs every time, but I'm looking forward to what I think will be a weekly thing.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. One night threatened to downpour on us, but never did (we just had to suffer through the wind!).

And on Friday night, at the clinic we had a chiropractor speak to us. It was really interesting. He gave us a questionnaire at the beginning, we were to mark off things that bother us. At first I didn't think I really had any. You know, those headaches I get all the time, they're not migraines, so they don't count. The sore back I have nearly every day, I still function, so that doesn't count. Etc, etc. Except... they do count! Its not normal to have headaches where I need Tylenol once a week. Its not normal to be physically uncomfortable all the time, even if I can still fully function. So he was giving away free initial analysis and I signed myself up. I'm looking forward to it. Now I just have to go through our insurance coverage and see what I can claim if I continue with it!

I also bought a two running outfits at Costco this week (two tanks and two capris). They're the Costco brand 'Tuff Athletics'. Unfortunately you can't try anything on there, so it wasn't until after I bought them and brought them home that I learned that they're too small and I don't like them anyways. Back to Costco on Tuesday to return them! But I did find a good tshirt at Walmart last week. And at $15, with wicking material and UV protection, I figured I couldn't go wrong. I wore it today and while I was a little sweaty, it was quite comfortable. It also has a little reflective piping and is form fitting without being *tight*. I'm thinking of picking up another one. I'm not sure how many pieces of clothing is a good starting point? I figure two maybe three outfits for the season? I can pick up more pieces as I go along.

Oh! And Amazing Husband and Amazing Husband's sister are starting the Couch to 5K program tomorrow! She lives in Korea and he's of course here with me, but with the time difference, they may be running together. Very cool! I'm hoping that maybe once the Learn To Run clinic is over we can somehow figure out childcare for the boys and do a little running together!