Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So last Friday we had the apparel talk, which is what I was really looking forward to! But really, I didn't learn anything new that I haven't already sussed out online. Cotton = bad. Technical wicking fabric = good. There was a neat little clip on pouch that he showed us, but it won't fit my inhaler and my Iphone which is too bad.

But I did decide to get a Running Room jacket. I had my groupon and it would fit all my needs hopefully now, through the summer and into fall/winter. However, I couldn't do it after the run on Friday (which I did 2.6km and kicked ass!) as I was meeting my mom for our Garden Show weekend which was awesome! We went and stayed at a hotel for two nights and spent two days wandering around and listening to many different speakers. Loved it! But it also meant that I missed my run on Sunday morning. At 8:30, I actually thought "Awww, I know what they're doing right now". Obviously not a moments regret at missing the run, but I surprised myself with just how much I'm enjoying it! I thought I'd be okay at the running part, and knew it would be better for me to do it through a clinic, but I didn't know I'd be liking it so much.

So on Tuesday morning, I took my youngest son (and an electronic device!) to the Running Room and took my time choosing a jacket. You'd think that because I had decided on which jacket that it wouldn't take me very long, but you'd also be wrong. I did have to try another style on and confirmed that while I liked the fit/look of said jacket better, the traditional RR jacket just made more practical sense. But then I had to choose a colour! Wow, what a rainbow they had to offer. I was paralyzed with choice. Got it down to two and went back and forth for awhile. Finally went with my trusty lavender/lilac favourite. The manager was working and was great during my deliberation, didn't tease me once!

I did see some other items I liked a lot (looking for a warmer long sleeve shirt that is more then my thin shirt but less then my fleece for a mid layer or single layer during chilly days), but one thing at a time...

And tonight I got to test out my new jacket. It was sleet/snowing and about 2c when I went. I wore my new jacket, my fleece jacket and my tshirt that I got for signing up for the clinic (which is horribly unflattering I must say). I was freezing when we started, but of course it wasn't long until I had the jacket zipped open, and eventually I took the jacket off, and just had my fleece mostly open. When will I learn?

We did 2.2km in about 19 min. It wasn't far, but we did mostly 3:1's (although we did hit a few lights which sucks). I was working hard, but I'm recovering super fast so I'm thinking I may want to push myself a little harder. I'm at the back of the middle group mostly.

On Friday night our little Ladies Only group is joining the large Learn to Run group for a talk with someone who is coming in to discuss running form. Its supposed to be a good technical session, so I'm looking forward to it!

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