Saturday, April 2, 2011

Something to train for

I have officially registered for the goal race for my LTR clinic. I will be doing the Calgary Marathon Astra Zeneca 5K on May 29th. Woot!!

When I signed up I knew there was a goal race, but didn't think much about it. But its nice to have something to work towards, something to aim for. It makes it a lot more fun!

So I had my second clinic last night. They did a basic shoe talk. It was basically everything that I heard when I bought my shoes last week. But maybe it was good for someone else! There were two more ladies in our group, so including our instructor that makes us 6. We kept with 1:1's for our run last night,, and again, I felt fantastic. I definitely felt like I could do more, which amazing hubby says is a great sign at this beginner stage. I don't want to be pushing myself beyond my max, rather I'm training my body to work up to more. So we ran about 1.9km (according to the instructors Garmin is was 1.19mi and according to the running app I downloaded on my iPhone it was 1.75km but I don't think I included the cool down walk back to the clinic and I think she did).

The weather was pretty miserable right up until I got to the store, Mother Nature is not letting go of winter easily. It was snowing pretty hard, but luckily it was still relatively warm, so there was no accumulation. Some parts of the sidewalk were a little wet, but no big deal. I again wore my long sleeve tshirt, long pants, fleece vest, fleece jacket, toque and gloves as the wind was pretty chilly. But by the end my gloves were off and both vest and jacket were open.

Next week is our apparel talk. I definitely want a better solution to a jacket. And whatever it is needs to have pockets. I have my iphone (for my running app), inhaler and chapstick (and gloves if I happen to wear them and then take them off). I'm wondering if maybe there's a little 'fanny pack' type of carrier for when it warms up and I'm just wearing a tshirt and pants with no pockets?

Do you carry anything while running? What do you use to carry it in?

Oh, and I think that when I complete the 5k (because I will finish!!!) I think I would like to reward myself with some kind of Garmin watch to track time, distance, pace, speed, etc. But I'm setting my own personal goal of doing it in under 40min. Surely I can do that. Right? I'd love to get under 35min, but at this early stage I have no idea if that's a realistic goal for myself.

So today is a day off, and tomorrow morning I'll be back pounding the pavement again. That is, if the heavy snowfall we've had today doesn't keep me from getting there. I had to run out for groceries this afternoon, and my car got stuck in the alley trying to get back into the garage. Seriously, the amount of snow we got today is unreal. But as long as I can get my car out, I'll be there tomorrow!!!

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