Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Enough with the fleece already!

So Sunday morning, bright and early I was at the Running Room ready to go. There were only a few people that day, because it had snowed ALL night on Saturday! So it was still chilly (-2ish?) and we were running through quite deep snow in some places. We ran up a path and into a neighbourhood, which unfortunately on an early Sunday morning, most people hadn't been out to shovel yet (we did pass a guy smoking a joint on his stoop though hah!). Its a lot tougher to run in, your muscles are all tense and your concentrating on every step trying to keep your balance. But we clocked in at 2.66km and felt great at the end of it (even though the last stretch was up a big hill). But again it was shirt, fleece vest, fleece jacket, toque, mitts, gah.

So tonight off I went again. This time walking into the store, it was literally jam packed with people, the door wouldn't even open the whole way! While there was only me, one woman and our instructor from the Womens Only group, we ran with the regular LTR group, and there were probably at least 20 people running. But again, it was frickin' chilly! I left the fleece vest at home, and was quite cold in the beginning, but by the end had my jacket open. And that might be because we broke the 3km mark!! We ran a total of 3.2km tonight!

I'm feeling really good. Tonight we started with a couple of 1:1's, then did 2:1's. We had several rests as we seemed to hit every traffic light we came across and had to wait, so that probably helped. But when I was running I was working hard, but not killing myself. I recovered quickly during our walks and still had gas left in the tank at the end.

Of course at the pace I went tonight (including the stops at the lights), I was about 10min/km. That would put me about 50min for the 5k race. I really want to be under 40, and I'm pretty confident that as the training continues, I'll be able to do that.

But am I ever tired of all the layers! There's a rumor that Friday we'll be into double digits. That might be my first run with no fleece. Of course that leads to how/where I'll carry the few things I like to have on me. My phone (has my running app) and my inhaler are the two important ones. So I'll have to think a bit on that one.

Friday is also the night of the apparel talk. So I'm hoping to pick out a jacket. I tried on two tonight after my run. One was a Running Room jacket (sorry, can't remember which one), and while I loved the fit of it in general, it was quite short and a little constricting. So I also tried on the traditional Running Room jacket. I loved how long it was, but I found it very boxy on the sides. I didn't like all the extra material there. I might try it in a smaller size next time, maybe that would help, I just didn't have time tonight.

So that's about it. I'm definitely seeing progress, I love running with the group. And I'll be happy to put the cold and snow behind me hopefully soon!

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