Saturday, March 26, 2011

Momma Needs New Shoes!

So considering that I've never run before (well, a short stint on a treadmill 8 years ago, but I don't think that still counts, however I do feel the need to bring it up a lot), my closest thing to running shoes is a pair of sneakers. I love my sneakers. I love them so much I buy a new pair of the same kind whenever they wear out. However, they are definitely not appropriate for the 'running'. And my first run is tomorrow. So, off to the Running Room I went today, with my two boys in tow (and a couple of electronic devices tucked in my purse as I guessed, correctly, it could take awhile).

The woman helping me was fantastic. In fact, everyone I've dealt with there are so friendly and helpful. And after a foot assessment, walk assessment and trying on a bunch of different pairs of shoes, I chose these babies... Brooks Ghost 3.

I also picked up some running socks but those aren't as exciting, hah!

Now one thing to know about me, and I'm sure it will come up a lot, I am cheap. I hate spending money and find that most things do not have enough value to justify their price. So yes, my heart rate increased probably more from the sticker shock then it will from the running, but I do understand the VALUE of a good pair of running shoes. I did make sure to use the discount I got from signing up for the clinic of course! The last thing I want is to be uncomfortable or hurt myself and give up because of some poor gear. So I'm willing to spend money where needed, and hopefully use this blog to also showcase some great deals I find along the way.

So for the rest of my new running outfit, off to Costco I went. My cotton tanks and the typical suburban yoga pants just aren't going to cut it. I found some moisture wicking pants ($18) and a great technical Nike long sleeve shirt ($30) that will hopefully work well enough in our colder, wet spring. I already have a cheapo microflece vest (Costco) and a fleece jacket (MEC) that I have my fingers crossed will keep me warm enough in these early snowy days. And a cute toque and my favourite "Magic Mini's" gloves. We are hopefully past our -25c days, so I'm hoping this will be enough in the layer department.

My clinic will be having a discussion on apparel in two weeks, at that point I will look into adding a couple items, like a good running jacket. My fleece one will be too warm (hopefully soon!) and I'll need something for the windy, rainy weather ahead. But I'm already online browsing. For as much as I hate spending money, I love shopping!! At least window/virtual shopping!

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