Sunday, March 27, 2011

My First Run

I did it!! I woke up this morning (okay, amazing hubby pushed my tired and cold ass out of bed) and went for my first run!

I was a little nervous, not so much about the actual exercise part, but the logistics of it. What to eat for breakfast? I had to eat something, but I've read (yes, I'm one of those newbies who devours any tidbit I can before starting something) that you shouldn't have a large meal. So I just had one piece of whole wheat toast with a little peanut butter and small glass of milk. I always have a fear that I'll need to use the bathroom when there's one not around, so I skipped any more beverages then that (and come on, I know I'm not out running a 10k this morning, I didn't need any extra hydrating). Then I donned all my good layers. My long sleeve shirt, my long pants, a light fleece vest, a thicker fleece jacket, my toque and my mitts. Ready to go!!

The weather however was not as excited as I was. In fact it was -4 with "freezing fog". And did I mention it snowed last night? Like a lot? Here's what the parking lot looked like when I got there.

But I pulled up my big girl panties (which of course were a microfiber, no cotton here!!) and went in. I was pretty early, and there was only a trickle of runners at first. And then I started to get nervous because all these people were talking about the Long Run they were about to do. 20k long run to be exact! I was worried I had gotten the day or time wrong, but slowly a few other beginners arrived. I could mostly tell because of the look of horror on their faces at the idea of running 20k in this weather. Or at all, hah!

All in all there were at least a dozen of us "Learn to Run" newbies. I'm in a Ladies Only class, that only has three ladies including myself, and I was the only one of that group, but again, everyone was very friendly and off I went with these strangers through the ankle deep snow and slush. We ran 1 and 1's (how do you type that? 1:1's? Is there some secret runners code?) and I felt great. I ended up beside a young woman who had done the program last year, but hadn't kept up with it and was doing it again. We were able to chat the entire way, even though the first half was up hill. And at the end, I felt fantastic!!! It was great! My shoes were awesome, my feet pretty much dry which is amazing considering the snow/slush I was going through. The only thing I would do different is not wear my light fleece vest. I was too hot fairly quickly. But I opened my coat(s) and all was fine.

And at the end, the instructor announced we did 2.5k!! It was slow, but I am thrilled!

So it was a huge success and I can't wait until Wednesday when I get to do it again! The weather is supposed to be warming up, but there may be some rain. So as long as we don't do the rain, freeze, rain, freeze it should be okay.

And now to tuck into some movies with my two boys for the afternoon...

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