Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quiet Tuesday

I bought my second Groupon ever today, $25 for $50 at the Running Room, yay! Perfect timing!

Things I'm thinking about buying...

A running jacket. I just have to decide which one. I need something waterproof (repellent), with venting and reflective taping. A few friends have recommended the Running Room jacket. I love the rainbow of colours to choose from, but was put off by the price. However with this coupon in hand...

An Ipod app to track my running. I want something that can give me the gist of how far and how fast I've run.

A short sleeve tshirt. I got one with my Learn to Run clinic (although I have to exchange it for a smaller size, its a "Unisex" so the sizing is on the large side), but I'd like a pretty one that I've picked out myself.

A pair of running capri's. My long pants worked great on Sunday and I'm sure will get tons of use. But they will be too warm one of these days. I have never (and don't plan on) worn shorts, I think capri's are the way for me to go.

Saying that, I did pick up a running skirt from Costco when I got my pants and tshirt last week. I didn't know at the time, but have since read, there seems to be a fairly big debate about the running skirt by running enthusiasts. For some its a little ridiculous. For other its a fun addition to attire. I bought one, so its not hard to guess what camp I lie in!

So if anyone has any suggestions on good items/deals on the things I mentioned, I'd love to hear them. Even if its a year from now and you've just happened upon this post and don't want to comment because you think too much time has past and its not relevant anymore, I'd still like to hear it!

Oooh, and the weather was warm and sunny today!!! I'll take a picture before my run tomorrow, its amazing how much snow has melted just today, and its supposed to be warm tomorrow too! Although it might rain, so I may end up with wet feet anyways, sigh.

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