Saturday, March 26, 2011

My First Post

Here I go, a new journey, a new blog!

This is about me, and doing a little something for myself. I am starting a Learn To Run clinic at my local Running Room.

"Why?" you ask. Well there are a few answers.

"Do you need to lose weight?" Well, I would be happy to shed a few lbs, and I would definitely be happy to stay my current weight but get to indulge in chocolate and Doritos more often, but no, that's not the driving force.

"Are you doing it to be healthier?" Closer. This is a fairly big part of the decision. I'm 34, not that active, and I would love to enjoy the health benefits that come with a healthier more active lifestyle. But no, that wasn't quite it.

"Then what could it be?" Time. To myself. Alone or with other grownups. Something to direct some energy and focus to. Something to enjoy and look forward to.

You see, I have a wonderful family. An amazing husband who is also the most fantastic father to our two boys. One who will be 6 in April, and one 3 year old. I love my family and the fact that I am lucky enough to stay home with them full time. In fact I've been lucky enough to stay home since my oldest was born. That's right, I've been home for nearly six years. With two boys. By myself. With two boys. And my amazing husband who is the most fantastic father to these two boys, works a ridiculous amount of hours. We're lucky to have him home for dinner a few nights a week, and at bedtime also maybe a few nights a week. Its a huge sacrifice, and I know its hard on him being away from us so much, but it also means its just me and the boys most of the time.

And as much as I love these two boys, after six years I'm starting to go a bit stir crazy. I'm starting to get a little tired of the cartoons and the fart jokes and the constant struggle to pick up one toy only to see two more drop. The dishes that are dirty 30secs after being pulled from the dishwasher, the laundry that I swear breeds and reproduces while we're not looking.

I wouldn't give up these cartoons, fart jokes, messy toys, dishes and laundry for anything in the world, don't get me wrong (okay, maybe the fart jokes), but I'm ready for something a little "more". Something just for me.

So I'm giving myself a time out. And while I would love to just send myself to bed early, I know that just wouldn't cut it. So I am sending myself to a Learn To Run clinic through my local Running Room, three times a week. My husband is of course amazingly supportive of this and has agreed to carve out a couple hours each week so I can go galavanting around with other grownups.

As I look outside at this end of March in Calgary, Alberta and stare at the drifting snow, icy sidewalk patches and drizzling sleet, I think I may just be crazy. But I can't wait!! And tomorrow morning, bright and early at 8:30, I will be joining perhaps a couple dozen other grownups who are carving out a little time for themselves too.

This blog will hopefully become a memento of what will hopefully become a great part of my life.

A picture from outside my window today. Think it will be dry and warm by the morning?

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